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Re: [tlug] Ubuntu- Workspaces

On 9/8/23 16:57, Jim Breen wrote:
A couple of days ago there was some sort of a screw-up during a
software update, and as a result, the panel contents vanished. I was
able to revive all the app/window thumbnails, and I can still move
between workspaces using Ctrll+Alt+L/R, but I can't work out how to
get the workspace boxes back. Nothing in all the settings/config menus
mentions them. Clearly, something got disabled/turned off.

Hi Jim

If I understand correctly, you're not seeing the workspace switcher applet in the bar, right?  If that's the case,  it looks like you need to add that back to the bar.  Right-click on the bar and there's an "Add To Panel" at the top and at the bottom of the "add to" app there's "workspace Switcher.

Steve S.

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