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Re: [tlug] [greeting] How to Get Started & When Is Next Meeting

On 2022-02-14 12:40 , Takuzen Toh wrote:
I'm a newbie to the open-source Unixes, and following the advice in the above document that firstly you should go ask your local LUG community *for suggestions on getting into the Linux world*.

Welcome to the group.

1. An easy way to explore is to install a popular Linux distribution in a virtual machine on your existing laptop. Depending on OS X/macOS version, you might try using VirtualBox or Parallels. This will allow sampling one or more distributions to investigate some of the options.

2. Another possibility is to use a small single board computer of the Raspberry Pi / Odroid / Pine64 variety which are widely available and inexpensive. Or find an old used laptop (I can highly recommend old Lenovo Thinkpads) and use that. This allows you to experiment without risking your main environment and without the complications of a virtual environment.

3. You can even out-source all this and explore a virtual machine running Linux at Oracle, Amazon, or Google Cloud, each of which has "free tiers" to encourage developers to experiment. And if you have an Android phone, you can even start with the Termux application to get a feel for what a Linux command line might be like.

There are lots of options. I would suggest not worrying too much about which one is "best"... but just get started, and I am sure you will find what works for you and aligns with your interests.

At last, sadly I just missed last Virtual Nomikai you held on February 11. *I wonder if you have any fixed schedule as of the next meetup opportunity? *

We normally have "technical" meetings and "nomikais" in alternate months, with all of them virtual lately. Keep an eye on for details of upcoming meetings. I hope you will join us online (or eventually, in person).

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