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[tlug] Firefox and backspace

I noticed backspace in certain pages (*) didn't work and instead changed
the page on me. I tracked it down to a long discussion about changing
the Firefox default value for browser.backspace_action.

Apparently backspace does not have this behaviour on Chrome, Safari,
etc. and not on Linux Firefox, but has/had this behaviour on Windows/Mac
Firefox.  I think they changed the default behaviour from Firefox 87,
maybe a year ago, but it must have created a `browser.backspace_action`
with value 0 in my settings.

So, if anyone else has been seeing this, open it up in about:config, and
set it to 2. 1 does page up - see list below.


*: Yes, okay, good guess, in Wordle.

// Backspace and Shift+Backspace behavior
// 0 goes Back/Forward
// 1 act like PgUp/PgDown
// 2 and other values, nothing

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