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Re: [tlug] Email forwarding

On 2022-01-30 05:06, Darren Cook wrote:
Jim wrote:
Instead of forwarding the email to Gmail, have you considered delivering
it to a POP3/IMAP server and having Gmail fetch it from there? I use

How do you do this? You have a public IP server running a POP3 server?
Then do you tell gmail to regularly poll it, giving gmail the
username/password of the user on that server?

Yes. I use Dovecot for my IMAP and POP3 server, most of which I read locally but some is filtered into a mailbox for Gmail to fetch. Gmail repeatedly (although not with an obvious constant period; sometimes once an hour, sometimes more) checks for new mail which it fetches/ingests. I use a Gmail filter rule to apply a distinctive label or two to mail that takes this route.
  Settings > Accounts and Import > Check mail from other accounts

Since you can get Gmail to poll multiple accounts, I also use it to fetch email sent to the mail address provided by my ISP which consists of the monthly statement and pleas for me to contract more services.
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