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Re: [tlug] Email forwarding

On Sat, 29 Jan 2022, at 21:06, Darren Cook wrote:
> Jim wrote:
>> Instead of forwarding the email to Gmail, have you considered delivering
>> it to a POP3/IMAP server and having Gmail fetch it from there? I use
>> that method precisely to avoid the pain of forwarding in the modern
>> world. (Admittedly, it does add minutes of latency and requires a
>> different setup.)
> How do you do this? You have a public IP server running a POP3 server?
> Then do you tell gmail to regularly poll it, giving gmail the
> username/password of the user on that server?

You would use a tool like isync or fetchmail to pull and push email around. You would need a server that runs the tools on a cronjob schedule or something <- this works independently of any provider, perhaps Gmail has builtin functionality for this, I wouldn't know.

> Is setting up a POP3 server easy (by modern SMTP standards) ?

Dovecot can function as a POP3 server as well. You can turn all IMAP-related components off.

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