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[tlug] HNN / fetching electricity data

Happy New Year to you, Chris, and to all TLUGgers!

This is pretty cool (but I bet they're gonna realize they're getting a
lot of fetches from TLUGgers and throttle it soon ;-).  Thanks for
letting us know!


Christian Horn writes:
 > Hoi Tlug,
 > Happy new year!
 > Let me share a something I discovered the last days, which might also be
 > interesting for others here to play with:
 > since I changed my electrical plan last time (not sure why not before),
 > I can fetch my daily consumed energy from Tepco.  I switched into a
 > water powered plan - but I suspect all plans can fetch the data.
 > Code on github already exists to automate fetching:
 > When I started fetching always the most recent day [1], I discovered that
 > the value for the current day appears before the day is over.  That value
 > increases then until the end of the day, so one can actually also conclude
 > on the current consumption from that - more unsharp than if you would use
 > own sensors, but still: you need no own equipment for this.
 > In the graph you can see that the values for the current day appear 
 > around 15:30JST.  In the last few days I then had first a relatively low
 > consumption - as sunlight is warming up the room quite much.  Later the
 > consumption goes up, that's when I use aircon for heating.
 > [1]
 > Happy data fetching!
 > Christian
 > [DELETED ATTACHMENT signature.asc, application/pgp-signature]

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