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[tlug] HNN / fetching electricity data

Hoi Tlug,

Happy new year!

Let me share a something I discovered the last days, which might also be
interesting for others here to play with:
since I changed my electrical plan last time (not sure why not before),
I can fetch my daily consumed energy from Tepco.  I switched into a
water powered plan - but I suspect all plans can fetch the data.

Code on github already exists to automate fetching:

When I started fetching always the most recent day [1], I discovered that
the value for the current day appears before the day is over.  That value
increases then until the end of the day, so one can actually also conclude
on the current consumption from that - more unsharp than if you would use
own sensors, but still: you need no own equipment for this.

In the graph you can see that the values for the current day appear 
around 15:30JST.  In the last few days I then had first a relatively low
consumption - as sunlight is warming up the room quite much.  Later the
consumption goes up, that's when I use aircon for heating.


Happy data fetching!

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