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Re: [tlug] Call for presenters for July 10th technical meeting

On 26/6/21 8:24 pm, Christian Horn wrote:
On Fri, Jun 25, 2021 at 10:20:24AM +0900, Edward Middleton wrote:
The July 10th technical meeting will be run online.  If you are interested
in presenting can you post a quick summary of topics you might be interested
in talking about.

I was looking into
- can I find out how much power my linux box consumes
- ..and single components like cpu and ssd
- and can I compare if a new version of a software needs more power,
   or for example which software can play a video consuming the least
Most of that is available with surprising accuracy just with all
normal Linux distros bring in on modern laptops.

If that is interesting to someone, I could give an overview.

I would definitely be interested to hear about that.


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