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Re: [tlug] Yahoogroups replacement

Jim Breen writes:

 > > Jon Postol, I suspect.
 > Come, come. We can blame Jon for a few things, but not
 > over-Javascripted forms, surely?

Oh, *Javascript*.  You didn't *mention* the *Java*script!

 > Anyway, it all seems a bit of a lost battle now. As with most things
 > to do the with Internet (the *real* Internet; not mis-attributed WWW)
 > I'm ever amazed it works as well as it does.

The *real* Internet was conceived to be resilient in the face of
nuclear attack, and managed to early stumble on the formula "rough
consensus and running code".  We professors could do well to adopt a
similar motto. ;-)

Now off to the plastic surgeon to get the hole in my cheek repaired.


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