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Re: [tlug] [RESOLVED] Re: What's the easiest way to edit EUC-JP files on a remote server from an Ubun

On Tue, 15 Sep 2020 at 15:44, <> wrote:
> Is there any reason the `fileencodings' setting doesn't work for you?
> $ vim --cmd 'set fileencodings=euc-jp' euc-jp-encoded-file.txt

That works fine if the file is local, but it's on a remote server that I'm ssh'ing to.

However, I did just realize that I can set the character encoding of my local terminal (Gnome Terminal) to EUC-JP, then ssh, and that works as well as doing mlterm -E EUC-JP. (Doh)

No need for the vim setting in either case, apparently.


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