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Re: [tlug] "Go Considered Harmful"

Curt J. Sampson writes:

 > Yeah, Lisp does have certain awesome things. It looks to me like
 > the macro system in Lisp

s/Lisp/Scheme/, please (even though I don't use Scheme much, hygenic
macros rule).

 > works better than what's available for Haskell, for example, and
 > there doesn't seem to be any easy way around that.

It's going to be very hard to beat macros that are designed for a
language in which programs are syntactically trees rather than token
streams, and data is syntactically the same as a program.  (Josh beat
me to posting it, but it was an independent origin.)

 > I'd expected Steve to come in on the Lisp side of things, but it
 > appears he may have gone to the Dark Side of "ALGOL-like or
 > nothing." :-)

^^^^^ He don't know me very well.  Hihihihihihi!

as Bugs Bunny would say.  Lisp is a great language, but it's hard to
beat Python for teaching Chinese students who majored in Japanese
translation in college how to code.  I'm not Gollum, I don't need one
ring to rule them all.

PS Sorry about all the old fart ObRefs.  There's been a lot going
around in my Twitter and podcasts and I envy them.

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