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Re: [tlug] From an enthusiast TLUG follower

>> [..]
>> Here is my point: I would like to take an internship (as part of my 
>> graduation program) in a foreign country and I would really like to do 
>> it in Japan.
>> [..]

>Has someone a guess which percentage of the relevant IT copanies in Japan are at the momen 100% >remote work?
>I know that's the case for Google and Red Hat, but not sure about classic Japanese companies.
>For intern ship in companies which are 100% remote work, I guess that it does not matter much then in >which country you apply for the intern- ship.

Be careful on this. Japan has some complicated laws on workers and even if telework, the user may be required to reside in Japan.  Some companies have very strict rules on this as labor laws vary widely from country to country and compliance is difficult otherwise.

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