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Re: [tlug] Video Conferencing Options for July 2020 Meeting

On 7/7/20 9:04 am, wrote:
On Mon, 6 Jul 2020 21:39:23 +0900, Edward Middleton <> wrote:

I am looking at options for video conferencing.

I was looking at

Jitsi has worked well for me.

o  open source
o  no registration
o  no software to install
o  no terms to click on

Browse to
If there is more than one person going to the
same URL at the same time, you have a meeting.
Try it, _now_. I might be online. :-)
If you want to be heard,
you'll likely have to let your browser access the microphone.
Likewise for video camera. Lurkers don't need to do either.

I think the idea of moving around in a physical space in and seeing and hearing close folks to be great
for the socializing before and after a presentation.

This looks like it might be the way to go, i.e. Jitsu for presentations and for socializing before and after.


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