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Re: [tlug] July 2020 meeting

On 7/7/20 1:14 pm, Benjamin Kowarsch wrote:
The primary risk of holding a TLUGĀ meeting lies not with the meeting itself but with the nomikai afterwards.

If you get a large enough venue where attendees can sit down while keeping good distance between each other and if everybody is wearing a mask at all times (no drinking, no eating while at the venue), further providing
alcohol for disinfecting hands at the entrance, then the risk is manageable.

If you want to take extra precautions, you might want to have a PA system at the venue and a wireless microphone that a volunteer will operate for Q&A because the spread of aerosol is larger when speaking with a louder voice. The presenter should also speak through a microphone
and wear a mask during the presentation

All bets are off if people then go to a bar or restaurant for a nomikai.

However, for many of us, the socialising with others is one of the attractions of the TLUGĀ meetings.

To manage that risk, attendees could be told to bring their own food and drinks (or a short trip to a convenience store could be scheduled) and then have a picnic in a nearby park where social
distancing can be observed.

We approached a couple of places that had suitable venues but they said they weren't prepared to have meetings held there at this stage.


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