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Re: [tlug] July 2020 meeting

On 8/7/20 2:42 am, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
Benjamin Kowarsch writes:

  > To manage that risk, attendees could be told to bring their own
  > food and drinks (or a short trip to a convenience store could be
  > scheduled) and then have a picnic in a nearby park where social
  > distancing can be observed.

That sounds good to me.  Outdoors + mask is generally considered to be
quite safe now (US CDC, @zeynep) to the point where my Twitter
timeline is on fire with people complaining about "we should be
closing stuff *now* but closing beaches is *crazy*".

I have family working in social welfare stuff, near elderly and some
known immuno-compromised, so I really have to be careful.  No way I
could attend a nomikai inside, but a nomikai in the park I could do
(but I'm not going to any N-jikais with Joe Larabell this time!!)

Yes, I think the train ride is more the issue.


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