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Re: [tlug] GW projects

On 2020-04-29 12:03 p.m., Lars Kotthoff wrote:
Has anybody played around with a RockPro64? The boards have a PCI-e slot and
there's an NVMe SSD interface card for it. There's one headed my way on the slow
boat from China...

Yes, one replaced my Odroid HC1, which is now elsewhere in TLUG. I have a large spinning disk and a small SSD in mine. It has proved reliable in 24hr operation over the last 16 months. Pine64 showed a HardROCK board at FOSDEM with the same processor that was supposed (pre-pandemic) to ship in May... which is more of a RPi replacement (i.e. no PCI-e).

The new toy I am eagerly awaiting is an Odroid C4, which seems to have made it as far as Narita. I'm hoping it can replace the RPi that drives the PiDP-11 and also take over the Mozilla IoT stuff. Not quite as fast, but less power consumption.

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