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Re: [tlug] GW projects

On 2020-04-28 13:33 +0900 (Tue), Stephen Lasseter wrote:

> I'm sure I heard that someone figured out how to not need the SD
> card at all with the rp4, but now I can't find those links.  I'll
> let you know if I come across that again.

The primary reason you must have an SD card for the RPi Zero is that
the (pre-Linux) internal bootstrap loads a large chunk of binary code
from the card; this contains low-level code to run the SoC or things
like that, IIRC.

> If there are no downsides to Ubuntu and you are already familiar with it,
> then that may be a factor for many to weigh.

Ah, I see. At the basic level, Ubuntu is just Debian. All Ubuntu
really adds (as far as I know) is some more packages and, depending on
version, their own desktop environment.

> Also, my Understanding is that Raspbian is restricted to 32 bit user-land.

Ah, that does seem to be the case. That's not an issue up to RPi 3 and
Zero, since you'd want a 32-bit userland there anyway, but on the RPi
4 you might find it worth spending the extra memory and processing
power to run a 64-bit version.

> Another idea is ZFS support in Ubuntu.  That may be really nice to
> have if you are using one of these for a light Nextcloud server or
> something similar.

Yeah, but you'd probabably be much happier using something with a
_lot_ better I/O bandwidth if you're running a server like that.

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