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[tlug] recently used files

Thomas Blasejewicz writes:

 > So, is there a way to click say on the Libreoffice Writer icon and
 > get a list of recent (or favorite) files?

That is going to depend on the particular session manager or window
manager, and how well LibreOffice is integrated with it.  Works great
on Mac OS. ;-)

For applications that support their own recent files lists, the Files
menu should have an appropriate Recent Documents entry which will be
restricted to that application (or in the case of an application suite
like LibreOffice, that specific subapplication).  If you're a hotkey
kind of person, usually there is a keysequence to activate the
menubar, and Files is normally the first or second entry.  Recent
Documents is about the third entry in the Files menu in LibreOffice.


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