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[tlug] recently used files

Good morning
I am sorry to bother the list, but I do have another heretic question.

Under Windows you have the start menu and when you RIGHT click on a particular software to start,
you get a choice of recently used files by THIS PARTICULAR software.
You also can pin frequently used files there to make them easier assessible.

I have been trying to find something like that for Linux, but was so far unsuccessful. I know of the "recent files" section, but that section shows ALL recently used files
regardless of what software they were used with.

Since I always have a number of applications and occasionally 5-8 different files (e.g. Libreoffice files) open, the "recent files" section is quickly filled and looking there is not easier than searching the home folder.
In particular with those files I ALWAYS use this is rather inconvenient.
Pinning all those files to the task bar would give me a very cluttered task bar - if they would fit in there anyway.

So, is there a way to click say on the Libreoffice Writer icon and get a list of recent (or favorite) files?
I daresay it would make my life easier.

Thank you

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