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Re: [tlug] introduction: just moved to Kobe, any linux activity out there ?

On 12/17/2019 08:53 PM, Stone Tickle wrote:

Fascinating, I'm very curious about computing of the 60s - 90s. I'm still pretty young, so I feel a longing for this era I missed out on. I also, read the Wikipedia article on Tierra, and it seems very interesting.
I think it's much more fun now. There's lots more that can now be done than there used to be.
I'm using Gentoo Linux which is source based. I have considered something Linux from scratch, but couldn't think of a better solution for package management than Gentoo's portage. What sort of package management system are you using?
I don't really have a need for a package management system, and just handle things manually. That works well for me.

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