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Re: [tlug] formatting HDD leaves 11.7 GB untouched

Good evening

and thank you all for your instructions.

I just deleted the one partition and formatted the disk again - this time as NTFS. Right clicking the disk now shows under properties 160 GB. Used were only something like 40 MB. Just fine!

And yes - this computer HAD Windows on it - until several years ago. There is still a seal on top saying "Windows Vista". For the last 2-3 years I have been "using" (not really spending much time) it for practicing pupose = practicing the use of Linux. Not an easy task.

For now, removing the existing partition and creating a new one did the trick. Would it be "better" in any way, to use ext4 instead of NTFS? It is not really important though, since I am now perfectly happy!

* Since I am a "rural guy", there is probably little chance for me to join you in one of those nomikai, or buy Mr. Sampson a beer ...


On 12/2/19 6:23 PM, Raymond Wan wrote:
Hi Thomas,

On Mon, Dec 2, 2019 at 9:51 AM Thomas Blasejewicz <> wrote:
I have a 160 GB HDD that was used in an old notebook running Mint 19.2,
using only one partition.
Since I changed the HDD, I would like to use this one for external storage.
So .. I formatted the disk; the usual way; using ext4
Afterwards, the properties showed: 8.1 GB used
Looking at it with "disks" I get: 160 GB -> 156 GB free; 2.3% used.

Did this computer ever have Windows on it?  Recent (i.e., last 10
years :-P ) version of Windows appear to reserve a part of the disk
for the purpose of recovery.  I've always found getting rid of it to
be a bit annoying since it's usually at the beginning of the disk.
Could this be what you're facing?

Everyone else seems to have better ideas than I could offer.  So I
don't think I can give you more information.  But, like Darren, I use
a graphical tool for my partitioning needs -- gparted.  And it hasn't
failed me so far...


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