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Re: [tlug] formatting HDD leaves 11.7 GB untouched

On 12/2/19 9:23 AM, Raymond Wan wrote:
Everyone else seems to have better ideas than I could offer.  So I
don't think I can give you more information.  But, like Darren, I use
a graphical tool for my partitioning needs -- gparted.  And it hasn't
failed me so far...

Definitely go like "pros" :) Go over ( ) because you should have one handy in any case, and I would probably destroy/create a clean slab of partition table of GPT-type and then assign fresh new partitions as you wish.

... Assuming your disk is in good hardware condition, you'll definitely see full capacity then...

Best, everybody and see y'all next time in Tokyo, フェルナンド

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