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[tlug] TLUG Auction Saturday, 09Nov

A reminder that TLUG has avoided charging dues or meeting fees thanks to
the generosity of members and businesses that have donated equipment
that is just slightly too good to throw away... and then we auction it
off at TLUG technical meetings to meet TLUG's expenses.

For example, among the things I already know will be up for auction at
Saturday's meeting are:
 - an old Chromebook
 - a Kinesis ergonomic keyboard
 - a BeagleBone
 - probably other amazing items (junk) that you haven't told me about
but will just bring along

Jim Tittsler  7J1AJH/ZL2IA/AI8A  Mitaka, Tokyo      GPG: 0x01159DB6
Tokyo Linux Users Group  irc://

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