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Re: [tlug] Voltage

On 2019-10-22 15:45 +0900 (Tue), Thomas Blasejewicz wrote:

> Originally I did that using the AC adapter for the machine.
> In between I forgot that adapter in my work place and used a different
> (one-fits-all type) adapter.
> The original adapter has an output of 16 V, whereas the other one has 19 V.

What kind of problems might be caused is hard to say in the first
place, but knowing brands and model designations would certainly
increase your chances of getting a good answer.

But most laptops, and probably a lot of desktops, do regulate down
their input power from the AC adapter, so there's a good chance that
being 20% over the nominal input voltage won't be an issue for
short-term use. It's may generate more waste heat, though, which could
reduce the long-term life of the product.

It's highly unlikely that if there are just file-system errors alone
that these are due to the power supply. Typically you'd see other
errors as well or instead. But I suppose it's not impossible that the
drive is seeing voltages slightly out of its spec that cause it to be
dodgy even thought other parts handle things ok.

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