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[tlug] Voltage

Good afternoon
This is probably a really stupid question.
I have changed the HDD in one of my "experimental" machines and installed Mint 19.2.

After the installation (the individual steps and errors are too numerous to list here) the machine crashed,
giving me a black screen with an "initramfs" error.
I actually WAS able to recover the machine from that 1-2 times, but also ended up reinstalling the whole thing 3-4 times.

Originally I did that using the AC adapter for the machine.
In between I forgot that adapter in my work place and used a different (one-fits-all type) adapter.
The original adapter has an output of 16 V, whereas the other one has 19 V.

Is it possible, that the difference in voltage could be responsible for the file system errors?
Could this possibly also destructive?

Thank you.

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