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[tlug] Trouble adding new user

Today, for the first time in a couple of years, I was adding a new user to my Linode server doing the usual

# useradd newguy

# passwd newguy

(added the password)

But when he does

ssh newguy@linode

he gets a password prompt and he types in the password, he gets "Permission denied."

I've removed and installed the user a couple of times, tried with other usernames and passwords, nothing works. My own login works fine. His username is listed in /etc/passwd

Any suggestions?


A. Charles Muller, Professor

Buddhist Culture Research Center
Musashino University
1-1-20 Shinmachi, Nishitokyo-shi
Tokyo 202-8585, Japan

Office Phone: 042-468-3145

Web Site: Resources for East Asian Language and Thought

Twitter: @ACharlesMuller

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