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Re: [tlug] Late call for presenters September 8th technical meeting

On 09/06/2018 12:33 PM, Andreas Kieckens wrote:
> I could hold it at the Axsh office in Shinjuku as long as we have 
> another presentation. Or even if we don't, we could hang out, casually 
> talk Linux and maybe have some impromptu lightning talks?

Thanks for offering your place and organizing. I see others have replied
with topics and the meeting will go on.

I was planning to meet another TLUG member beforehand to talk about
flashing routers with OpenWrt. If others are interested we could discuss
this at the meeting. (I am not interested in participating in any
recording or livestream, though.)

This time or some other time I could bring along some small travel
routers from my company and can show the Chef Online Imagebuilder for
OpenWrt & LibreMesh that helps people like me that struggle with the
image building process and the command line.

The development version
is up to date with the latest releases & snapshots and besides choosing
packages, you can edit UCI defaults. I think a discussion of the
possibilities would be interesting and useful.

Paul, one of the developers, was in Japan for a few months this year and
attended the July TLUG meeting with me. He recently talked about this
project on the openwrt-devel mailing list.


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