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Re: [tlug] Late call for presenters September 8th technical meeting

On 9/6/18 2:51 PM, Christian Horn wrote:
Not necessarily this Saturday, if we are not getting further speakers,
but both guitar and experiences with tiling window managers are both
very interesting for me.

Hi Christian. Thanks for the reply. :) I think I'll do it this Saturday despite the short notice simply because I'm available now and won't be the next weekends.

I just need to confirm with my boss that the office is available once he's done with his meeting. I'm 90% sure it'll be fine though.

I am playing with Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) these days, collecting
data for usage on commandline and in gnuplot or grafana, also monitoring
of performance data of own applications, for testing I implemented
monitoring of the temperature sensors.  I have not yet enough material
for presenting though.

Since it'll be hard to find full presentations in the two days we have left, I figured we could just have more chill meetup that's more like a nomikai with optional lightning talks. If you feel like taking 10 minutes to just show off what you've got going so far and what you intend to do in the future, that could be cool. Or if you'd rather save it for a full presentation and just come hang out, that's cool too. :)


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