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Re: [tlug] Late call for presenters September 8th technical meeting

Hoi Andreas,

On Thu, Sep 06, 2018 at 12:33:27PM +0900, Andreas Kieckens wrote:
> [usb connected guitar]
> I could still talk about my amp and since it's at the office, I could 
> also give a lightning talk about using tiling window managers (i3 
> specifically) on a 4k display. Basically show off my development 
> environment a bit.

Not necessarily this Saturday, if we are not getting further speakers,
but both guitar and experiences with tiling window managers are both
very interesting for me.

I am playing with Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) these days, collecting
data for usage on commandline and in gnuplot or grafana, also monitoring
of performance data of own applications, for testing I implemented
monitoring of the temperature sensors.  I have not yet enough material
for presenting though.


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