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Re: [tlug] Bogus Japanese zipfiles [was: Kudos to Jim Breen]

Kalin KOZHUHAROV writes:

 > I think patching upstream (zip, p7zip) is still better, but haven't
 > had urge to do it.

I have no urge whatsoever to do that.  I do sometimes do programmatic
things with filenames inside the zip, so having a Python module to do
it is perfect.  (Elisp would do for me too, but probably far less
useful to most people.)

Also, Python already knows how to deal with pretty much every encoding
known to man.  You'd need to add a bunch of code for each encoding you
thought you needed to support (I'll bet Big5 and KOI8 are there).
Adding alll that to a program that is supposed to conform to a standard
sounds like an annoying bug magnet to me.

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