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[tlug] Kudos to Jim Breen

Thanks for mentioning the article, Steve!

Another anecdote: the first "project" (two files, actually) that I
took responsibility for was the "edict.el" package in XEmacs.  EDICT
and edict.el were not the only reasons I learned about I18N and L10N
in software, but they were some motivation and a vehicle for learning
many of the details.  Those skills led to an invitation to weigh in on
Python's PEP 263 which allowed non-ASCII literal characters in a
Python program (in strings and comments), and today people sometimes
mistake me for a core contributor (I've never actually had a patch
committed to Python, although I've got a PR that's been stalled for
two years, and I'm listed as co-author on at least 3 PEPs ;-).

So Jim Breen has been an important influence on my "career"
(avocation) as a software developer and open source advocate.

Thanks, Jim!


Associate Professor              Division of Policy and Planning Science     Faculty of Systems and Information
Email:                   University of Tsukuba
Tel: 029-853-5175                 Tennodai 1-1-1, Tsukuba 305-8573 JAPAN

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