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Re: [tlug] The various distro support places

[Please excuse my previous empty reply – I pressed the wrong keyboard shortcut in a webmail client.]

On Mon, 18 Jun 2018, at 11:55, grb wrote:
For a distro like this, support can be all over (e.g. may well be on GitHub in some cases) and may be a factor for me if I chose to use it as a daily driver somewhere.

Have flavours - especially smaller and newer ones become a bit fragmented for users to troubleshoot with? What do tluggers consider the better places for support like this?

In the case of distro flavours that are "spins" on a specific upstream distro – Debian for example even has specific system features to make the creation of derivatives and "blends" easier [1] – I'd say go with the upstream distro's support, and as far as the spin-specific technology is concerned, with the technology's support channels (Budgie-desktop issue tracker). The feasibility of this depends on whether the spin respects the upstream distro's policies and integrates reasonably well with the upstream distro, without breaking things left and right. Well-maintained spins are e.g. KDE Neon, Scientific Linux and Amazon Linux,  but it is essentially a YMMV situation.

Which is why for productive desktop use cases, I personally stick to the current "roots" of the distro derivatives tree [2], that is to distros which are first-class citizens of a resourceful project or corporation and at the same time have good user and enterprise adoption: CentOS/RHEL/Fedora/Debian/Ubuntu/SuSE.


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