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[tlug] The various distro support places

Just a musing;
I was trying Ubuntu Budgie [UB] on a machine, and noticed mozc/ibus wasn't giving me a config window, and no icon to access config. I went to look on the Ubuntu Budgie discourse site but nothing there so I posted and waited. I browsed the Ubuntu forums, nothing there seemed relevant, or on the Budgie forum which is bolted on to the SolusOS I remember looking at before (makes sense given they're the same originator).
Eventually I got a response on the Ubuntu Budgie forum citing an Ubuntu Launchpad bug post (which I missed as it was around Vietnamese, but the issue was the same - the UB distro team had missed a file out, and the instructions got me up and running.
I also learned that SolusOS/budgie and UB are relatively separate teams it seems (?).
For a distro like this, support can be all over (e.g. may well be on GitHub in some cases) and may be a factor for me if I chose to use it as a daily driver somewhere.

Have flavours - especially smaller and newer ones become a bit fragmented for users to troubleshoot with? What do tluggers consider the better places for support like this?

Have a good one,

"Don't use bold, it wastes electricity"
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