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Re: [tlug] Upgrades & Akihabara shopping time

> On Jun 1, 2018, at 21:27, Curt Sampson <> wrote:
> On 2018-06-01 20:38 +0900 (Fri), kts wrote:
>> I am looking to transition my home NAS and Debian servers... 
> The NAS will obviously have to be in a large case to hold the drives.
> You don't say what you're using your Debian servers for, but if they
> have to be separate hardware (rather than, say, several VMs on a large
> box) You could consider small form factor PCs.[1]

I wish I could get everything into one small box, and with a bit more planning maybe I could. But I really don’t like small boxes, as my two full-tower 10-bay cases and a mid-tower show. That is likely a holdover from airflow needs of overclocking & overbuilding days of yore. Once bought they tend to get recycled (1996 PCPC 10-bay PPro-P3-Athlon/duals-Phenom2, then Intel i7… DOS, w3.1, OS/2, etc. onward!)
Current operations are a 24/7 freeBSD-based NAS4free 8TB RAID10 NAS holding backups for Mac laptops/phones and desktop Windows machine, and secondary archive photo/video/critical storage. 24/7 is useful because I want seamless wifi TimeMachine backups to happen automagically for both people using MacBook pros daily. A second copy of data accessible over gigabit.

Debian 24/7 server is hosting websites, SyncThing and a Plex Media server+data which is nice when I am home or on the road, main Samba fileserver for primary photo and video archive. OpenVPN a possibility now that I have fiber and better up/down speeds. Owncloud not so necessary with dropbox/google/evernote on every machine. My generic main desktop machine if I want a chair and a large monitor, otherwise the MacBook Pro is enough really for wherever I plant myself inside the fiber-served Google Mesh home network. The W10 stays off because my linux & mac conversion is 95% complete.

One cubic meter of 3 tower PC`s is doable at this time, and I don’t enjoy jettisoning good hardware for peanuts when (my partner isn’t pushing the Danshari theme too hard right now) I don’t have to.

> As a server you may not care
> that it can run two 4K displays, but you would probably appreciate
> having two Ethernet ports as well as WiFi.
> [1]:
> [2]:

An idea, nice specs and price. The current desktop/server struggles along with wired gigabit switches to the wifi hub, and uses an SSD for OS, 1tb /home and a 4TB /srv for www, media, and primary picture archive over Samba. Those sff boxes would need some external drives for my tastes… currently 18 drives “not yet dead” in inventory here.

>> Anyone up on current prices/shops?
> Just go to and put in what you're looking for
> there; it will tell you which shops are the cheapest. That said, for
> most computer parts these days I've found that is so near
> the cheapest and so much more convenient .

All true. I feel pretty confident on the parts list so can work it out amazon, kakaku, or akihab day trip methods.

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