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[tlug] Upgrades & Akihabara shopping time

I am looking to transition my home NAS and Debian servers to lower-power hardware from voracious 8yr-old AMD Black 4-core and 6-core 125wTDP setups to modern CoffeeLake and H310m chipsets. Seems a mini-itx build with a 35w G5400T (for the NAS) and a 35w i3-8100T may fill the bill.

Anyone up on current prices/shops? I can gather most info from a translated version of Akiba-PC for most parts needed. Specifically, 80+ Platinum PSU`s in the 4-600w range. Serendipity+aimless wandering works to price / compare but hard on time and shoe leather; anyone know the top 3 shops say competitive/best for PSU-shopping? 

Used Parts Shops-
I will also need some extra PCIe SATA ports for the NAS, these may best be filled with used SAS server cards + SAS-to-SATA cables. particular chipsets are needed because the NAS will use a ZFS filesystem which needs to speak directly to the hard drive without RAID or other filters falsely reporting a write is finished, etc… 
My notes on appropriate chipsets:
4port pcie SATA, ~¥5000each
Chipset only, not RAID, no memory chips onboard. Confuses ZFS. 
LSI (now Avago) 9211-8i and 9211-8e controllers.  These use the older LSI2008 chipset, fully supported by the 
mps(4) driver under FreeBSD 9+. LSI/Avago/Broadcom 2008-/2308-/3008-based SAS HBA.
SIL3124 four-port cards
Or Marvell SE9230 and SE9172 SATA controllers
? SATA 3 x 10 interface card with ASMedia ASM 1062 + JMB 575 (x 2)

Later will need a bit of research/advice on how to properly yank the AMD chipsets/kernel rug and replace it with a new Intel rug with minimal damage to sanity and uptime... 

Kevin Sullivan
JP: +81456702373
US: +17853184287
EU: +37254728541

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