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Re: [tlug] Recommendation on watching European/American/Independent movies/TV programs in Japan?

Hi Ray,

Thank you at least for confirming that other people also are frustrated with translations!  

I think the public (including myself) puts up way too much with this kind of nonsense (well being an Anarchist I have similar problems with all sorts of other proprietary services that are not commoditized or standardized enough - e.g., I really dislike Facebook, etc)


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Hi Yasu,

On 07/10/17 22:30, wrote:
> We live in Yugawara (next to Atami).   So yes I see your point but we don't have any Tsutaya around here 😊.   In addition, I think what my wife wants to see are probably found in Tsutaya in the first place, and even if they carried it, the subtitle of a French independent movie might only be available in Japanese (not in English), etc.

I have to complain again that this is something that bugs me.  Here in Hong Kong, we do get some Japanese movies on DVD and BluRay for sale with English and Chinese subtitles.
When I visit Japan, I find it strange that the same movies has no English subtitles at all.  Clearly someone has done the work of translating...and the subtitles take up very little space...why not include them?

The reason is obviously what Darren just said about "vested interests in distributing media based on geographical regions".  Yes, I know...the local distributor has to make money, too and I don't want their staff to be unemployed...but still...

> Basically, what we need is non-mainstream (at least in Japan) titles found in other parts of the world.   

Perhaps give Netflix a try.  [Note:  I'm a subscriber but I don't own any shares or anything :-) ]  It does have some non-mainstream shows.  You get a one month free trial and you can cancel any time.  So, create an account and take a look at what they have.  If you don't like it, then cancel.

Perhaps its competitors have a similar offer?  I haven't tried any others...Netflix alone is enough to make my eyes fall out from fatigue.  :-P


PS:  Darren, loved the Oatmeal comic!  I, too, have been hoping that Game of Thrones would appear on Netflix.......

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