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[tlug] Searching for a scientific paper


I come with a weird request. We have stumbled over a reference to a
paper that seems to be the first paper on a topic. Unfortunately,
we cannot find it at all. Not even the proceedings that it is published in.
The paper in question is:

M. Goto, "Application of three-valued logic to construct the theory of relay
networks" (in Japanese), in Proceedings of the Joint Meeting of IEE, IECE, and
I.of Illumination E. of Japan, 1948.

Would anyone here know how to access this paper? Or have an idea
which Goto-san this would be? Actually any hint would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

			Attila Kinali

It is upon moral qualities that a society is ultimately founded. All 
the prosperity and technological sophistication in the world is of no 
use without that foundation.
                 -- Miss Matheson, The Diamond Age, Neil Stephenson

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