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[tlug] [Annoucement] openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 Tokyo

Hi TLUGers,

I would like to announce that annual event openSUSE.Asia Summit
will hold in Tokyo (actually, University of Electro-Communications,
Chofu) on Oct 21-22 this year, and the call for proposals had been

openSUSE is a community-based Linux distro hosted by SUSE.
# I'm not the best guy to describe what is openSUSE, though.
openSUSE.Asia is the fourth event in the Asian region, to gather
openSUSE enthusiasts from Asian cities.  We expect that 120 people
will participate in it.

The committee welcomes not only openSUSE topics but also wide topics
related for linux (of course for openSUSE will be better but not
The topics in this list covered a wide area and I am always impressed
your curiosity, so I guess the Summit might be the most suitable event
for your speech.

Proposals deadline is 14th August.
Please submit proposals as soon as possible :)
Naruhiko Ogasawara ( /

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