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Re: [tlug] remote access to server

one thing I do is setup a forwarding "gateway" which does a full hard-reset and re-image of the system when modified,

and that way compromising the intended box is honeytrapped at the disposable proxy.

It's just an rpi that I access remotely then step-sideways (repeat ssh across the lan to the actual server at home).

basically it self-validates and refuses writes to the SDcard (occassionally checking the card by imaging it to a server and reading back a sha256 sum,  matching == safe) (the server provides network image access and rootfs.  only the minimal bootstrap image is "essential".

anything "modified" forces a full cutout and fresh fs image

On Jun 4, 2017 12:18, "kts" <> wrote:
Thank you all for the suggestions.

Since my plan is to access remotely while traveling via laptop if necessary, it would seem disabling password logins and using the Public/Private key system is the most workable.

While I do use router firewall to limit the forwarded ports and UFW/GUFW on that server and more complicated systems always appeal, my realistically limited skillset to maintain such a system… (experience has taught…): not there. Managing the underlying Debian OS and programs for the Wordpress CMS alone without destabilizing my local Janga-Tower of Babel seems enough. While probing the deeper waters of nmap, dig, whois, Wireshark, UFW et. al. is interesting, other tasks beckon.

Simple is the goal, I have a buttload of other deferred self-imposed tasks to deal with before adding yet another. I seem to have this problem of generating ToDo lists, filing them horizontally, then shuffling them around and losing sight of the goal and never really finishing them off. Setting up the ssh key system with a one-and-done seems most reasonable of the options for my situation.

Thank you all.

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