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Re: [tlug] remote access to server

Hi Kevin,

On Sat, Jun 3, 2017 at 1:41 PM, Kevin Sullivan <> wrote:
> What methods allow relatively secure remote login for admin purposes
> from outside the local lan? Noobie here on the finer points of sysadmin
> and running a webserver from home open to the big bad world out there.

I don't think it's been mentioned yet, but if your web server is built
using a CMS such as WordPress or Joomla, then make sure you keep it up
to date.  We've had hackers make modifications to the system.  While I
don't know how they got it, my guess is either the CMS (in our case,
WordPress) was out of date and/or the plugins.  In fact, even if the
CMS is up-to-date, an out of date plugin is a problem.


PS:  We get intrusions from mainland China on an almost daily, if not
hourly basis...

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