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Re: [tlug] remote access to server

* Disable password login from /etc/ssh/sshd_config and use only public
key authentication.

* Install fail2ban

* They won't be guessing your username/password. These kids try this
forever. No need to worry IMHO.

* Also, changing your ssh port from 22 to something else reduces this
almost down to zero.

* Also, some people install tor to their servers, and publish their ssh
access as a tor hidden service, and connect to their servers over tor.
Only if you need to go extreme I guess.

Furkan Mustafa

On 2017-06-03 14:41, Kevin Sullivan wrote:
Howdy. Have my Debian LAMP webserver up and running again mostly.

Router firewall had Port Forwarding to my server on static IP with :22,
80, 443 open.

However, a tour of /var/log/auth.log showed persistent efforts to log in
as root from 3 IP's in China according to whois:
Port :22 is now closed before they get around to guessing my non-root
super-user name and pw.

What methods allow relatively secure remote login for admin purposes
from outside the local lan? Noobie here on the finer points of sysadmin
and running a webserver from home open to the big bad world out there.

Kevin Sullivan

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