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Re: [tlug] buying intel server adapter

On 2016-03-03 14:56 +0900 (Thu), Kalin KOZHUHAROV wrote:

> Does anyone have contacts with official Intel distributor in Japan?
> ...
> I am looking to buy several (3-5) genuine Intel new NICs, specifically
> I350-T4 v2. All sellers I found on Kakaku/Amazon look really fishy to
> me and I have seen fakes for similar cards.

I'm curious about this: were the fakes just blatant phonies (board
actually had a cheap Realtek chip on it), or were they the proper Intel
chip but on a board designed by someone else? If the latter, what was
the issue with the fakes that they were not a substitute for the real

(Something like, "Ha ha, not zero-copy after all!" would be pretty
unpleasant experience, though given the level of integration on chips
these days I find it hard to see how that could happen if the chip is
the one you're looking for unless the board manufacturer is actually
doing something like reprinting the chip casing.)

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    - L Peter Deutsch

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