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[tlug] CentOS-7 and fcitx

As some folks have mentioned fcitx and how they like it better than
ibus, I thought I'd mention I got it working on CentOS-7.  (Didn't try
on CentOS-6.)

I have it detailed on in the CentOS-6 and
7 section, but in a nutshell, OpenSuSe has a fcitx source rpm which
creates most of the necessary rpms, then I found an fcitx-anthy rpm for
Fedora-20. (Which isn't easy to find anymore.) 

These rpms are working on an up-to-date CentOS-7.2 install, but I have
no idea if they will survive updates. 

Anyway, if anyone wants them, let me know, preferably off-list, at
scottro11 at gmail.  To be honest, I haven't noticed much difference.  I
didn't try with mozc--though Fedora users, that page also mentions how
to use mozc with fcitx on Fedora, once again using an OpenSuSE rpm.

Scott Robbins
PGP keyID EB3467D6
( 1B48 077D 66F6 9DB0 FDC2 A409 FA54 EB34 67D6 )
gpg --keyserver --recv-keys EB3467D6

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