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Re: [tlug] Tokyo ISP Throttling? Why does my internet speed increase so much by setting up a proxy?

Tim Osburn <> wrote:
>     Also it's
>     very important to also check your MTU settings on your device that connects
>     to your provider if that they are doing any sort of encapsulation between you
>     and them. Not having that right will result in dropped packets and what might
>     seem as slow connectivity. Your provider should be able to tell you what your
>     MTU should be, if PPPoE then you might try a MTU setting of 1454 instead of
>     the tyical default ~1490.

Jawaad mentions dropped connections.  When your MTU is too high you can
connect to some sites and not others; or some of the small initial
packets can get through to a site and then when large packets get sent
the connection dies.  It'll manifest as web pages half loading and
hanging; text would load from a site but pictures would not; and some
sites work perfectly fine but some loads a blank page and hang there
not finishing, etc.  So this is one of the thing I'd test first.

Stephen Lee <>

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