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[tlug] Tokyo ISP Throttling? Why does my internet speed increase so much by setting up a proxy?


I'm very confused about this.

I am running NTT Flez Hikari to my mansion; it's slow as molasses.  I originally thought it was because of our neighbours upstairs; "hogging bandwidth" on a shared line or something.

However, today I setup a Squid3 proxy server on a cloud server I own.  When I connected to that (and connected my wife), all of a sudden all sorts of slow / dropped connection problems went away.

I am utterly confused by this.  I have no idea how to troubleshoot it either.  Is this the ISP doing traffic shaping?  The only time I've ever had a problem like this has been when I was in China; really confused by the whole thing.

Any ideas on how I could debug this or test this would be appreciated; I am legitimately curious (and strongly considering ending my service; really, last time I had a connection this bad, I was using Sympatico from Bell in Canada).

Sincerely yours,

Jawaad Mahmood

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