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Re: [tlug] Disappearing Disk Space


On 12/30/2015 02:35 PM, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
  > Is there a way to show and list all recent write activity and file
  > size change?

If you use a journaling file system, there are debug utilities that
can summarize the journal for you.  Also, journals by their very
nature create "duplicate" content.  I'm not sure how that gets
resolved by stat.

I also like the "sparse storage for VM disks" hypothesis Jens suggested.

A brief update to report that I may have solved the problem, comment on some strange things, and to say I figured a bunch of stuff out on my own.

About a week ago, my 9Gb root partition, which usually has 1.5~2 Gb free, suddenly filled up to bursting, allowing no additional input anywhere. I ran parted from a USB disk and attempted to add 2Gb to the root partition by shrinking my main partition and moving my swap file so that I could expand root.

Didn't work. For some reason trying to shrink my main partition caused parted to freeze.

So, I shrunk my swap file and expanded my root partition by 2Gb and when I logged back in, got a pile of error messages. I had to manually log into my desktop using startx and, when I ran my file manager in root mode, discovered four files with 128-character names that took up a little over 2Gb in the root partition. I erased them. Got a "files available for upgrade" message, so I ran the upgrade and rebooted, only to find that Claws Mail, LibreOffice, Iceweasel, and Skype all refused to start.

So, I plugged the USB disk back in and resized everything back to its initial values. I then followed the suggested steps to run fsck in manual mode -- which involves typing in "fsck /dev/sda(x)" and holding down the "Y" key for 30 minutes while sectors get fixed, one-by-one. A tablet with your current reading materials on it is a good thing to have close at hand.

After rebooting, I received messages that Claws Mail, Iceweasel, and LibreOffice all had upgrades available, which fixed all of their problems. Skype took some creative rerouting of the file (HINT: the first seven suggested online fixes don't work for anything other than Ubuntu 12~14). And VirtualBox upgraded. The upgrade borked a bunch of stuff that needed fixing, most of the problem caused by the MS installation verification police, but that's another story.

But, what I wanted to report was that, suddenly, about 240Gb of empty space suddenly appeared on my HDD and everything seems to run faster.


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