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Re: [tlug] DDB/CJKV-E Web Host under DDOS attack

On 2016-01-05 08:19 +1100 (Tue), Jim Breen wrote:

> I'd love to have it running on a CDN, but the cost is rather significant.

Do you have a traffic estimate? Services like are fairly
cheap: they offer a terrabyte/month for $40/month.

The main issue looks to me as if figuring out how much of a site like
wwwjdic could actually be run from static CDN servers. I'd bet that the
common queries could mostly come from cached data served from a CDN,
though, with some clever programming.

I'd love to sit down with you for a chat (online or off, if you happen
to be in Tokyo at some point) about this some time. This list is
probably not the best place to get in to a detailed discussion of your
site, though. Mail me privately if you want to chat at some point. (As
should anybody else who has a site that they're interested in doing this
with, though of course if you're asking me to do commercial work you
should expect to get charged at some point.)

Curt Sampson         <>         +81 90 7737 2974

To iterate is human, to recurse divine.
    - L Peter Deutsch

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