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Re: [tlug] video display

On Tue, Dec 08, 2015 at 07:45:17PM +0900, Thomas Blasejewicz wrote:
> Is there a trick to obtain a SMOOTH video display on the Mint machine?  Some
> fancy setting someplace ...

Seems like the device has a Intel GMA965, hopefully paired with a Core2 Duo.
Make sure you use the correct driver (xf86-video-intel or so on Mint/Debian),
disable desktop compositing (or unredirect any video windows), use a
hardware-accelerated video output (xv, opengl; NOT x11) with an efficient media

    mplayer -vo xv|opengl "$@"
    mpv --vo xv|opengl "$@"

VLC allows this configuration AFAIK too; no idea about other media players or
frameworks (gstreamer, for example).

mpv/mplayer in particular allows fine-tuning the opengl video output for performance,
however it's a rabbit hole [1].

This works by tuning down video post-processing (like using a faster scaling
method). Maybe these settings are exposed on other players, too.

You may also want to enable framedropping if the system is just too slow

  mplayer -framedrop "$@"
  mpv --framedrop no|vo|decoder|decoder+vo "$@

It also depends on how large of a display you are using with that (relatively
slow) card; setting it up with a lower resolution might yield some improvements.

Best regards,


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