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[tlug] video display

Good evening
Maybe it did show in my previous stupid posts:
I am running Mint Cinnamon 17.2 on a Dell Optiplex 745 desktop machine,
that used to run on Windows XP.
Although I am aware, that it is definitely not the newest (and/or very
powerful) machine, I know that
accessing videos like on YouTube resulted in smooth "video display".
The sort you do expect from a TV set.

Now under Mint the very same video looks like a stuttering series of
individual pictures.
Except for the HDD the hardware and the browser (Firefox) too is exactly
the same.

When I now display the exact same video on the Mint machine and a new
desktop (this one admittedly is more powerful),
the difference is annoyingly obvious.

Is there a trick to obtain a SMOOTH video display on the Mint machine?
Some fancy setting someplace ...

Thank you in advance.

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