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Re: [tlug] Ubuntu Gnome raves

On Fri, Dec 4, 2015 at 7:01 PM, Jim Breen <> wrote:
> OK. That went well, and on the log-in screen I can select from
> a range of window manager options: Gnome, Gnome Classic,
> Gnome (Compiz) & Gnome (Metacity). I've opted to run Metacity
> as it's most like what I'm used to in previous releases

I think Gnome (Metacity) is "old[er]", though I have to admit there
isn't much clear information about it.  Links such as this seems to
indicate so: .

The link Charles sent was about Gnome (i.e., the first one in your
list).  But I guess Gnome and Gnome (Metacity) are similar?  I'm
actually not too sure...

Of course, whatever works is fine; glad you worked out how to install
it!  I also was worried at first that I'd have to install everything
from scratch.  I know there may be conflicts with Unity and I'll just
have to uninstall them one by one over time...


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